studio PART is a conceptual studio and manufacturing atelier. As designers/makers we are very aware that every object, drawing or even concept is interlinked and has an effect on its surrounding environment. This world exists of PARTs, never one without another.


respect the added sculptural value
design more than time
dive into the deep end
material is colour, don’t discriminate
do not fear the empty space
let observation and relations inspire you
craft consciously
create wondrous interaction
structure chaos and disarrange structure
keep it sun-sided
be a PART of everything

Julie Van Mulders

An experienced interior and furniture architect with expertise in lighting design and more than a healthy interest in landscape architecture providing PART and our studio with an aesthetically pleasing lightness. Her goal being to shape and turn this spatial world to the sun side.

Lennart Van Uffelen

Known for his Functionality Kills The Fun collection Lennart Van Uffelen his first love is the exceptional, both esthetically and constructively. As a result of his love for materials and shape he remains closely involved in every step of the production process of his own uniquely designed objects and spaces.