We look at design, not as a single occupation, but as a woven whole in a world of plenty. Believing more in a universal connection than just the duality of our universe. This offers a gigantic freedom in design but also a huge consequential responsibility. We are very aware that every object, drawing or even concept is interlinked and has an effect on its surrounding environment, be it physical or emotional. Knowing this, we do not take our job lightly.


In combining production alongside our designstudio we obtain a birds-eye view over the desired result. We merge the experience of our designers and craftsmen in the fields of interior, exterior, event, product and furniture design with the techniques and skills of our PARTners in leatherwork, ceramics, lighting design, graphic design and public arts. We do not discriminate materials, nor technologies and treat every project with an equal perfectionistic, creative and enthusiastic drive as the next.